Black Cobra Feather And Stone And Bestial LPs Repress Started Shipping Weeks Ago But Now You Know! We Wished We Could Say Available From The Band But We Can’t :(


Black Cobra’s “Feather And Stone” and “Bestial” represses started shipping the week of June 9th but we have just been able to announce it now due to the move.  We also found a supply of S/T seven inches of their first 3 songs that made us immediately love the band!!!  You can pick them up here.  I wish we could say you could pick up copies from the band but the Canadian border decided not to let them across at two different locations – sorry Canada!

We think this is the 4th pressing of Feather And Stone (all our papers are locked up in storage).  The pressing info is as follows:
02 opaque purple green
06 clear green
150-ish opaque purple
150-ish opaque green

Congrats to purple and green only 2 copies.  For some reason clear green is not so popular – oh well – only 4 copies left out of 6.  We are not fully sure on the colors the band received so that is all a guess.  You can pick them up here!

We think this is the 7th pressing of Bestial (again all our papers are locked up in storage).  Pressing info:
150-ish black First time on black vinyl, and done specifically for the Black Cobra tour (which is now canceled) and mail order!
You can pick Bestial up here!!




~ by Joshua / At A Loss on June 25, 2014.

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