BURNT BOOKS S/T LP / Cassette w/ Digital Download Available Now!

Burnt Books: Burnt Books Vinyl LP + Digital Download


Track Listing:
Selfish Friend (3:01)
Empty Eyes (3:07)
Dig A Little Deeper (1:55)
Materialist Conspiracy Theory (2:24)
Abandoned (2:49)
In A Shallow Grave (4:12)
Unforgiven (3:31)
Liar (3:32)
Golden Gates, Golden Streets (3:19)
Pretty Daughters (3:23)


Burnt Books S/T is finally available on both LP / Cassette formats!  Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered or picked a copy up from the band.  You can pick them both up here.

The cassette contains a 7 panel j-card, solid yellow tape, and a digital download code for the album! You can pick it up here or direct from the band!

LP Pressing info:

1st pressing:

322 on clear gold w/ orange and black marble

105 on black.

All copies have a a digital download code for the album.  You can pick it up here or even better direct from the band!

This is a very promising starting point for Burnt Books. Chaotic hardcore riffage, quirky vocals and banjos are a match made in heaven apparently…a complete mind eradicator in the best possible way. 9/10 – American Aftermath

…a searing experiment in the fusion of noise, hardcore and punk. While the instrumentation is wild and rollicking — the familiar energy of punk chords shading into an atonal frenzy — it is Zoe Lollis’s vocal performance that takes centre stage. Incorporating eerie clean singing, hardcore growls, ghostly wailing and the snotty tone of schoolyard taunts, it’s a nimble and varied performance that serves as the burning nucleus of the record. 8/10 – Exclaim!

South Carolina sludge-punk crew Burnt Books take notes from bands like Mastodon, Melvins, Today is The Day, and Kylesa to form their odd and toxic brew of maleficence. – Invisible Oranges

This debut release proves that there are still punk bands out there that not only find interesting ways to communicate their message sonically, but also lyrically, too. – Verbicide Magazine

Everything that the band has brought to the table has given them a distinction that is desperately needed in these times of metal redundancy… one of the most impressive metal debuts in years. – Lithium Magazine

Exhilarating doesn’t even begin to describe this groups energy and technical achievements. One of the best out in 2013. – Sound Colour Vibration

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