Black Cobra Feather and Stone Gatefold LP 2nd Press / Dark Castle Spirited Migration LP 2nd Press / Restocks The Body 2xLP + more

Some of you that were lucky enough to see Black Cobra w/ Kyuss & The Sword or w/ Zoroaster & The Body already got to pick up the 2nd  pressing of Feather and Stone Gatefold LP w/ digital download on either opaque pink or opaque red vinyl.  The rest can now order them through our mailorder, cool little distros, or a cool mom & pop if they will order it!  You can order it here.

The Dark Castle Spirited Migration LP 2nd press is also in stock (on black).  However we happened to find a few 180 gram green lps in our warehouse so pick those up while we still have them.  This should be the last. You can order them here.

Even more good news we found some more The Body All The Waters 2xlp on Grey / Dark Grey and white.  You can order them here.  For those interested our friends at Stickfigure has all the colors still available in their mailorder here.

Finally we found a lot of our older releases in the warehouse and now have them in the store.  Releases by Damad / Meatjack , Cream Abdul Babar, Sofa King Killer,  and Icepick Revival are all now in the store.

Thanks kids for continuing to buy our stuff!!!!!

~ by Joshua / At A Loss on February 24, 2012.

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