New Aum War Title – Dead Times / TRTRKMMR Split Restocks – The Body / Whitehorse Split | The Body All The Waters 2XLP Colored Vinyl

Track Listing:

Side A (Dead Times):

1.  ( … )

2.  Pain Arrives

3.  Master Song

4.  An Appendectomy (Dead Times / TRTRKMMR collaboration)

5.  Tears


I.   Corroborate The Incantation

i.   Awakening Of The Wolfen

II.   Towers Of Silence, Expiration Of Violence

ii.   The Northern Winds Disapprove

III.    Belie The Obfuscation

iii.    Veiled Within Gauze Sarcofagi

IV.    Defaced, the Effaced

iv.     Release Of The Universal Respirate

V.     Circumvent The Recantation

v.       Breaking Point (TRTRKMMR / Dead Times collaboration)

Limited (500 copies) split / collaboration lp between Deadtimes and TRTRKMMR .DEAD TIMES consists of half of THE BODY and a touring member/frequent contributor to THE BODY playing industrial noise. TRTRKMMR is a former vocalist for OTESANEK playing  analog black noise.  Pick it up here.

We also received restocks of The Body / Whitehorse Split 7 Inch and The Body All The Waters… 2xlp (on White & Side A Grey / Side B Lavendar) colored vinyl!

~ by Joshua / At A Loss on November 8, 2011.

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