Sale (as low as $6.50) Blutch, Darsombra, Meatjack, Raise The Red Lantern, Stinking Liz., and Swarm Of The Lotus

We need to clear out some space in the At A Loss warehouse so we have marked down some great albums.  Some are as low as $6.50 ea.

First we have Materia by Belgium’s own Blutch and it only costs $6.50.  The dudes in Black Cobra made us aware after their tour of Europe with them.  This is one of our favorite releases by a band no one really caught onto for some reason.  It constantly has amazed all the bands and folks we sent a promo copy.   We always described it to our friends as like the Melvins without the sense of humor. You can get it now for only $6.50 through mailorder.

BLUTCH MATERIA CD AAL021 – only $6.50

Blutch: Materia CD Digipack

We will continue with Darsombra Ecdysis CD for $8.00.   Darsombra has been going strong for the last few years including a few releases on Public Guilt and a recent Euro. tour with none other than Wino.   We just had the pleasure of seeing him recently (Darsombra has only one member Brian Daniloski) and the show was amazing.  Features artwork by none other than Stephen Kasner.  Quick description – Thrones meets Lustmord – seriously!


Darsombra: Ecdysis CD

Next the band that really started it all for us Meatjack.  It has been a long time since the band took a indefinite hiatus.   Days Of Fire was their final release.  Again amazing artwork provided by Stephen Kasner.  You can get the album now for $6.50!  It is worth picking up for that price just for .45 and Crawl!


Meatjack: Days Of Fire CD

We were super lucky to get to release RTRL’s S/T full length.  Total nasty rock riffage meets full on metal shred supported by distorted low end bombardment all heralded by throat harshing roars! It is all wrapped up in a six panel digipack and is available for only $8.00

“These guys already ‘put the fuck back in Memphis’ – now they’re bringing a little bit of Chicago soul to Southern sludge. They’ve taken raw sketches and sculpted them into qualified epics.” – Decibel
“…Raise the Red Lantern inevitably project a distinct nasty streak, equally prone to fits of metallic abandon à la High on Fire or Saviours as it is to relapses into the band members’ hardcore upbringing… – All Music Guide
“If you find yourself staring at the Emperor cabs of all of your favorite bands, yet you haven’t picked up a RTRL record, you should realize that you are the intended audience. Do yourself a favor and grab this.” – Lambgoat


Raise The Red Lantern: Raise The Red Lantern Digipack CD

We also have 3 Stinking Lizaveta albums available for $8.00. These were the 3 albums that came out  prior to the At A Loss Recordings releases

Stinking Lizaveta  Hopelessness and Shame CD – $8.00

Stinking Lizaveta: Hopelessness And Shame CD


Stinking Lizaveta: Slaughterhouse CD


Stinking Lizaveta: III CD

Finally we have the first release by the newly reformed Swarm Of The Lotus.  It is great the guys are back!  Generally we tried to avoid the metallic hardcore thing but these guys were putting out some amazing stuff on their first full length (2nd one on Abacus / Century Media is also highly recommended).  SOTL are great guys and a great band! Their first full length When White Becomes Black is now available for only $6.50!

SWARM OF THE LOTUS WHEN WHITE BECOMES BLACK CD AAL009-$6.50Swarm Of The Lotus: When White Becomes Black CD


~ by Joshua / At A Loss on November 19, 2010.

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